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  1. Open a browser of choice (Chrome, Edge, New Edge chromium)
    Note: Not yet tested in Firefox or Safari
  2.  Enter the web address (Picture 1)

access screen

  1. Optional: Check the box to always use HTML access.
  2. Sign into VMware Horizon (Picture 2)
    1. use your NetID credentials

login screen

  1. Select the Pool that reflects the class or Virtual Machine Resource you have access to. (example: Application Suite)(Picture 3)

selection screen of pool

  1. Open a browser of choice (Chrome, Edge, New Edge chromium)
  2. Enter the web address
    access screen for client install

  3. Identify the operating system you will be installing the desktop app on.
    1. Select Go to Downloads for that version
    2. Select Download
  4. Install the application
  5. Select the new server
    new server selection image
  6. Enter the name of the connection server:
  7. Sign in
    1. use NetID credentials

client login screen



Email the following information to the Service Desk

copy and paste the following into your email:

  • Class Name
  • Class Number
  • Section Number
  • Software intended to be used