A Few Helpful Tips:

* Please place new software requests a minimum of 3 months prior to the desired date of use, to enable research, testing, and deployment (if approved) of any new software.

The list of software currently included for these computers can be found on our MSU UIT Student Labs Software web page.

* Please review, to avoid requests for software which is already installed on Student Labs computers.

* If you are faculty or staff seeking software for your MSU-owned computer, or other non-Student-Labs computers, please see our Campus-licensed Software page, or contact the UIT ServiceDesk.

* If you are seeking software for your personally-owned computer, please inquire with your college, department, or contact the UIT ServiceDesk.

UIT Student Computer Labs uses Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), which is a different framework for computing than the norm, which may not work for some software.  As a result, we cannot guarantee that every software request is possible, sometimes due to licensing restrictions or lack of compatibility with VDI.

You may reference our MSU UIT Student Labs Locations web page, for the building and room number of each lab.