Please see our Student Labs "Printing" page for Printing & Computer Lab Locations, and full details: 

Do I get free printing in the Student Labs?

Each semester when you pay your student fees you are credited with $7.50 free printing on your CatCard which amounts to 250 single sided pages. The price per page is $.03 (per side) and is automatically deducted from your free printing balance, when you print in any of the Student Labs locations, including the Library. If you use all of your free printing funds then print fees will be deducted from your current CatCard balance.

How do I use my CatCard to print?

When you need to print something, you can send your print job from any Student Labs or Library computer.  Next, locate a Print Release Station and swipe your CatCard through the black card reader next to the computer where you are printing.  Youmay swipe your card in either direction.

After you swipe your card, the Print Release Station will display the list of print jobs on the screen.  Click to select your print job, then click on the Print button.

If it does not appear to work, try swiping your card slower, or turn your card so the magnetic strip is facing the opposite direction.

What do I do when I get the “Patron Not Found” error message?

Whenever a student gets a "Patron not Found" message they should first try sliding their CatCard a couple more times.  This error appears because the user’s GID (ex: -01234567) is either not listed in the printing database or their card is not working properly.

If it still does not work, please contact theCatCard Office in Hedges, room 31, under Miller Dining Hall.

How do I reload my CatCard with Money?

If your card balance does not reflect the beginning balance of $7.50 at the start-of-semester, please contact the UIT Student Labs, via the UIT ServiceDesk in the Library.

For convenience, you may email to submit a ticket about the fund balance on your CatCard:

    • In your ticket, please include your full name and your NetID.
    • We will locate your account in the printing system and adjust your card to the start-of-semester $7.50 balance.
    • Then we will send you an email update via your ticket as soon as the funds are available on your CatCard.

NOTE: You may also add funds to your online CatCard account at any time: Add additional printing funds to CatCard.