Do I get free printing in the Student Labs?

Each semester when you pay your student fees you are automatically credited with $7.50 free printing on your CatCard which amounts to 250 single sided pages. Each side with ink is $.03 and is automatically deducted from your free printing when you print in any of the Student Labs or in the Library. If you use up all of your free printing money then the money will be deducted from your current CatCard balance.

How do I use my CatCard to print?

When you need to print something off, you must first swipe your CatCard through the black card slider on top of the computer where you are printing at. The card slider can read the card either direction you slide it (from left to right or vice versa) and whichever way it is facing. When it does not appear to work, try swiping the card slower or take the mouse and click on the background. Sometimes it is on another program and it needs to be on Pharos to run so clicking on the background might help.

What do I do when I get the “Patron Not Found” error message?

Whenever a student gets a "Patron not Found" message they should first try sliding their CatCard a couple more times but if it continues not to work please visit the CatCard office in the basement of the sub. This error appears because the user’s GID (ex: -01234567) is either not listed in the printing database or their card is wonky.

How do I reload my CatCard with Money?

You can either visit the CatCard office in the basement of the sub or you can go to your online account to add money. Your online account is located at MSU GET FUNDS.